5 clever psychological hacks that you need to know

Here are some amazing psychological life hacks that will help you to be more successful at work, in social situation, and in life in general. Let us try to uncover the really clever life hacks to help you to be more confidant in every field of your life.

5 truly clever Life Hacks

• Make people like you by asking for a small favour

It’s a neat psychological life hack. When you do someone a favour, you’ll eventually like then more than before. If you do someone a favour, that you don’t particularly like, your brain will try to rationalize your behaviour by adapting your beliefs to the situation. It will tell you, “This person isn’t too bad after all” and give you various other opportunities to find explanations that will reduce the cognitive dissonance.

• Can’t stop a song from playing in your mind? This is the solution

The human brain has a natural tendency to remember incomplete activities and serves as an automatic system that reminds you to finish what you started. If the song gets stuck in your head, try to memorize the ending of the song to break the loop once and for all. You’ll be surprised how quickly that annoying tune will go away.

• Mirror people’s body language to build up trust

If you subtly mimic the body language of the person you’re talking to, you can effectively build up trust with them. By mirroring the way they speak and how they move, they’ll like you more because to them, it will seem as if you are good compatible.

• Make others agree with you through subliminal signals

A classic example of priming is when you nod or shake your head while someone a question. In most cases,it’ll make them agree with you instinctively, as they do not seem to be thinking about your question too deeply.

• The psychic parent trick

Whenever you catch your kids in the midst of doing something you should not,you can either confront them directly or make them think you have psychic abilities. If you choose the latter one,just turn your back on them or leave the room entirely when you spot them doing something bad. Once you’ve turned around, or have left the room, call them on what they are doing. You’ll be surprised at their amazement. They simply cannot figure out how you knew what they were doing, especially when you’re in another room , this will cease them from doing wrong further in future.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of psychological hacks.

Content Writer : Madhumita Halder

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