Virginity : A mockery of seeking respect

What is the word “Virginity” that stands for as a hallmark of a woman’s respect? Why not the question is applicable for men as well? Is this mandatory to prove this hallmark?

Well, again it is a question of our thought – processing, how do we cultivate our mentality to it? Virginity is thought to be as a seal on human body (especially on women) to prove her worth and purity in the society. A woman can lose her virginity like a man. But a man is never questioned on it. On the other hand, he is thought to be free not to prove his purity. After all he is a man. It doesn’t matter whether he is virgin or not. It is his choice to be. But on the contrary, our society where women are worshipped as deity, who are allowed to give birth to new generation, are not allowed to lose her virginity before her marriage according to her wish unlike men.

Our society, our nation worships Goddesses, women power, does various campaigns for women empowerment, possesses women leaders, also bears the shame that girls of our society have to use artificial Hymens to prove their purity (virginity) at the first night of their marriage. Oh! Heard there is a slogan as to selling these items “No Hymens, No diamond”. It’s an irony that in order to get engaged, she has to prove her worth(her chastity). If this is so, then why isn’t the man proving his worth as well? Just because he doesn’t have hymen and she has, does not mean, she has the license to prove or he has the license to ask her to prove for. If you have no other choice to prove your virginity, don’t want her to prove it too. You have no rights to ask it since you too have lost it on other woman.

In fact, I have a huge objection with the so called word “Virginity”. I don’t believe in such term. Our virginity is our virtue. No one can tarnish it without our own wish. Our virtue is within ourselves. In fact, our entire nation is depending upon this quality of woman. A mother also gives birth by this process and she is never questioned whether she is virgin or not. So, why are we wasting our times by arguing on such trivial fact? If virginity is everything to prove a woman’s worth, then it is nothing but a mockery of seeking her respect.

Content Writer: Madhumita Halder

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