The Life Story of Aparajita Rai, the First Female IPS Officer From Sikkim molds as a Successful Story by Her Own words.

Losing her father when she was a mere child of 8, Aparajita Rai of Sikkim was brought up by her mother Roma Rai, a school teacher, and her elder sister who is a doctor. Aware of the callous way the government officials treated the public, she vowed to change the attitude at that tender age. No one could have fathomed the limits of her determination.

And now 20 years later, she has taken the first step towards her dream by becoming the first female IPS officer from Sikkim. But this, not the only thing she has excelled in. Being a constant topper in school in various activities, she received the Best Girl All Rounder award at the Tashi Namgyal Academy. After school, she graduated with BA LLB (Hons) from West Bengal National University of Judicial Sciences.

Her unwavering resolution had been tested when she met her first failure when she could not clear the UPSC exam. Not the one to give up, she gave the exam again next year and passed with the highest score, in fact, no one in Sikkim had ever scored that much!

She has won several awards including the 1958 Batch IPS Officers’ Trophy for the best Lady Outdoor Probationer, the 55th Batch of Senior Course Officers Trophy for Best Turn Out and Shri Umesh Chandra Trophy for Field Combat while she was training for the role of an IPS officer.

“Anyone who comes to me should not face the same harassment or agony which people generally encounter in government offices,” she said as she had a closer look at the governing system thanks to her father, who was a divisional forest officer in Sikkim.

Dedicating her success to her mother, Aparajita cites her as a role model who shaped her into the strong-willed and determined individual that she is today. She is currently posted in Hoogly in West Bengal.

Aparajita made her failure her motivation to succeed; no doubt, that she will serve as the symbol of inspiration to many.

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