Food Story 

South Kolkata Momo Nazi

Street food are always of great fun and most importantly when its come to the taste. As I roam around the city of kolkata I come across so many stalls but one momo shop near Golpark will always be my favourite spot. it’s just on the opposite footpath of Mouchak (Sweet Shop) terribly busy spot. Every week,on a daily basis,we used to attend our class there at Golpark and that was the favourite one , not for us , but to every single person out there. It does look like any normal stall indeed;…

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Food Health 

How these 4 foods help to gain weight

While a majority of us are always concerned about losing weight, there are people who are look to putting on a few kilos. People who are genetically ectomorphs usually have a tough time gaining weight and putting on muscle mass. To gain weight, all you need is a well-structured diet with a few high-calorie foods. Below are four such foods… Rice The most easily accessible food on the list, it can be prepared without any hassles at home. Also, it’s not necessary to consume only brown rice, even white is…

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Top 5 authentic Bong food restaurants in Kolkata that you should never skip

Kolkata, the cultural capital of India, is primarily known for its vibrant culture and food. The city’s din never sees a break nor does foodie’s palate. There are some outstanding Bengali restaurants in Kolkata, where you can enjoy authentic and delicious tasting Bengali cuisine. A hit in the City of Joy, many of these restaurants have gone on to open up branches all over India. Seafood lovers will really love seafood dominated Bengali food. To get the most from your dining experience, keep in mind how Bengalis eat their food to preserve the…

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