Parents staged protests in front of the school, where a 4-years old girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by two teachers.

Police Complaint Lodged Against GD Birla School Principal.

Angry parents and guardians continued protesting outside the GD Birla Centre For Education in south Kolkata’s Ranikuthi area on 3 December, after a four-year-old student of the school was sexually assaulted. The school will remain indefinitely shut, reported ANI.

The nursery student allegedly narrated the details of her traumatic experience on camera, sources told The Telegraph. Police are set to interrogate the accused – physical education teachers Abhishek Roy and Mohammad Mafisuddin – based on the 4-year-old girl’s video testimony.

The child’s father told CNN News-18 on 1 December.

“This is for the second time that such an incident has happened at GD Birla School. In 2014, a girl student was sexually assaulted and the school authorities didn’t take any action. Me and my wife are in a state of shock. My daughter is also very traumatized. I will never send her to [the] school again.”
The 4-year-old sexual assault survivor’s father to CNN News-18

Police Complaint Lodged Against School Principal

The father of the victim, on 3 December, lodged a police complaint against the school’s principal, claiming that she tried to cover up the issue and indirectly supported the crime.

”I have lodged a police complaint against the principal. This is not the first time that such an incident has taken place in her school, it has happened before as well. In spite of knowing the incident, the principal initially did not take any steps against the criminal”,Victim’s Family.

“The principal should be arrested because she supported the crime instead of reporting it to the police. She tried to cover up the issue. So she has a role in the crime,” she added.

Teachers Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Child

The child was bleeding profusely from her private parts when she returned from school on Thursday, 30 November, according to her father, and she was rushed to a hospital. Preliminary medical reports confirmed sexual abuse, reported CNN News-18.

The girl’s father accused the child’s physical education teacher of allegedly her into the toilet with a chocolate before sexually assaulting her.

Police have arrested Abhishek Ray and Mohammad Mofizuddin under sections 4 and 6 of the POSCO act, reported NDTV. The girl was shown four photos to identify the accused and she identified two people, raising questions about the involvement of more than one person, sources said.

Accused Mohammad Mofizuddin

Accused Abhishek Ray

A student from the school told The Quint that girls used the same toilets as the boys in the school.

Protests continued on 3 December.
Angry parents outside the school premises.

Same incident happened also in the Ryan murder case.

Damning Submission by Principal: No CCTV Cameras in the School

There are no CCTV cameras inside the school except for one in the school office, Sharmila Nath, Principal of GD Birla Centre for Education said. “Give us some time. I’m assuring all the parents that security is top concern for us”, she told ANI.

In 2014, the school made headlines when a bus assistant was accused of molesting a kindergarten student student.

Furious parents of the school students, on 1 December, stopped school buses from entering the premises and demanded the removal of all male teaching staff.

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